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  • JULIE table tri vendanges 2019
  • Sylvie&Jacques à Meney
  • Ralitsa & Jasmine plateau Ambaud
  • Benoit pièce du Micocoulier
  • Nicolas soutirage à LF
  • Omri à GV
  • Julie &Baptiste entrée Lafleur

We should highlight the importance of the work done by the women and men who make Lafleur. With the passing of the years our little team has grown bigger and younger, and today consists of fifteen persons who employ all of their enthusiasm in the service of Château Lafleur, sharing the same passion for subtleties, precision and finesse, which has always been our signature. Above all we are vignerons, present throughout the year in our vineyards and cellars, adapting to and working with nature and climate as best as we can.